Huellas is the first album by The Bad Corral, an EP recorded, edited and mastered in ESTUDIO UNO, MADRID.

The music of The Bad Corral is inspired in bands such as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Joy Division, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, and New Model Army.

The 6 songs of Huellas can be described as an intense sonic flow created by a restless powerful drums, an aggressive distorted and gentle strummed guitar which fills up the tiny rests left by the drums, and a thick bass line, and above all a melodic indie voice.


The Bad Corral is a power trio band leaded by Gustavo (drums) and Nacho (guitar and voice) Corral brothers from Madrid, Spain.

In 2015, after many years exploring different musical genres such as experimental rock, fusion music (Indian, Balkan and flamenco music), contemporary art music, incidental music for dramas, and so on, and in projects like Karton Boulevard Imbérica, Mystery Chain, B and Elephants, and Silente Ocho, they go back to alternative rock.

In 2016 they record a first 3 songs demo at ESTUDIOS ELDANA, Palencia. After touring and performing in many venues in Spain, in January 2019 they record an EP, Huellas, at ESTUDIO UNO, Madrid.